Hi, I’m Shade and I have a problem.

A crispy addiction.

I love biscuits.

I don’t mean the scone-like alien species that my American counterparts insist on so wrongly naming.

I’m talking about the crisp-hard, crunchy baked goods that go ever so well with a cup of tea and your favourite TV series (mine is Grey’s Anatomy at the moment)

This is Britain. the nation of a cuppa and a biccie (with exceptional politeness and occasionally nice weather sprinkled on top) and so to avail my guilt, I am going to buy a lot of biscuits and review them each week.

Why on earth would I do that you might ask? Because life can be hard and biscuits make it a little bit better.

If only one person likes my blog then I guess the extra workout I’ll have to do will be worth it. So let’s get cracking (or shall I say dunking?).