Flying Tiger reminds me of Ikea; you get the same maze-like format, you walk out of there buying things you weren’t planning to and there are so many little hidden surprises in store. These cookies were one of them.

Christmas is coming and has been for the last 4 months (the devil works hard but the supermarkets work even harder, they’re getting Easter eggs ready as I type)

When I think of Christmas I think of roasted food, spices and ginger, cinnamon and mince pies, and lots of green and red decorations ( I really don’t understand white Christmas trees, it doesn’t have the same pizzazz)

These cookies catapulted me to Christmas last year, shopping at Debenhams and going over to the Yankee candles section and sniffing every candle I could lay my hands on like a candle fiend.


A week after opening them, they still remained deliciously crunchy and I could definitely see them bringing back a different version for Valentine’s as they come in cute heart shapes.


Taste: The caramelized sugar gives it a rich and dark taste and the blend of spices which includes cloves, ginger and cinnamon make it very Christmassy indeed. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet either.

Texture: Smooth and crunchy with a clean snap



This came in a plastic container with 30 cookies inside that retained the cookie’s crispiness two weeks later and has now taken the spot of biscuit container for all crunchy goods.

 £3 which makes it 10p a biscuit, a steal for what you get.

 If 10 is jaw-breaking crunchiness and 1 is the texture of a cake masquerading as a biscuit (like a softer jaffa cake, clue’s in the name people), then this would rank a 8.

The crunchability is directly proportional to its dunkability, ie. the harder/crunchier the biscuit, the more likely it will withstand the bottom of the tea ocean.

This lasted 6 seconds in my tea before disintegrating.

Nutritional Values;

This box contains about 30 biscuits. As you can see in the above image, they are quite large which accounts for the higher calories per biscuit.
It weighs 375g, the nutritional value on the box is per 100g so the nutritional value per biscuit is as follows;
Energy; 58.5kcal
Fat; 2.25g
of which saturates; 1.14g
Carbohydrates; 8.75g
of which sugar; 4g
Protein; 0.66g

Salt; 0.16g

Accompaniment; This goes very well with black coffee as the spice in the biscuits complements the bitterness.

Reminds me of; Gingernuts



The smell, the taste and my newly discovered biscuit tin all came together beautifully to give this an 8 out of 10.

In summary, buy these while they’re still in stock people, you will not regret it.

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