I woke up excited because it’s Monday.

Mondays signify a fresh start and a chance to correct my mistakes from the week before but more importantly, Monday is GOT day here in the UK.

Sadly, today isn’t one of those days because GOT is on a hiatus and we still haven’t got a definitive Season 8 date.



It’s been 6 weeks since the last episode aired and I’ve been working my way through the 5 stages of grief. I’m at the stage where I obsessively watch interviews and scour Reddit for conspiracy threads.

Feeling nostalgic, today’s biscuit post was inspired by arguably, one of the best* episodes in the series…

Battle of the Bastards

*You may disagree with me but…

giphy (1)



Borders Biscuits and GOT have three things in common. They’re at the top of their game, their presentation is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and while GOT isn’t shot in Scotland, there are quite a few Scottish actors in the series.


My apologies to any actors I might have missed out.

So not only do we have Scotland to thank for the second funniest faction on Twitter but they also gave us Borders Biscuits.

I first discovered Borders Biscuits when I had an interview at this really fancy office. You know, the kind of office where even your scuffed shoes click clack across the polished floors and they serve you fancy tea.

They had arranged dozens of these biscuits neatly across the table and thus began a volatile love affair and my subsequent weight gain.


The box contains 48 mini packs with four different types of biscuits in the box;

Viennese Whirls

Golden Oat Crumbles

Butterscotch Crunch

Divinely Chocolately Cookies


Each pack contains two biscuits all beautifully made.


Butterscotch Crunch

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This was the sweetest and crunchiest of all them and also my least favourite. After I had worked my way through everything else, I was left with this in the box. It has pieces of butterscotch that attack your teeth and the biscuit is very buttery.

Viennese Whirls

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This crumbles beautifully in the mouth, it’s light and buttery and it has a faint taste of vanilla.

I loved the texture of this because it was almost like the bakers assembled hundreds of microscopic Vienesse Whirls and melted them together so that when you bit into one, it was like you headed into a biscuit vortex.


Divinely Chocolately Cookies

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This biscuit is thicckkk.

In a good way though.

Decadent is the word that springs to mine, its sweetness is subtle and the chocolate chips are a treat.

This was my second favourite which leaves my favourite as…

Golden Oat Crumbles

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Oaty Crumbles of the House Borders, First of Her Name, Supreme Cruncher, Queen of the Snappers, Oaty of the Great Crumbles and Delicious and Mother of Britics.

This was my absolute favourite, the texture is rough but the taste is amazing. Like the name suggests, the oats disintegrate in your mouth and it’s so rich and filling.

In the weeks that followed  I literally searched high and low (why some of these stores keep their good stuff on the bottom shelf, I will never understand) for a full sized pack. I don’t think they make them in the full sized pack, I did find the chocolate covered ones but we’ll leave that review for another day.


In all, I would give this box an 8.

You can find these at Costco.

If you’re looking for a box of biscuits to share with the family, I definitely recommend this, there’s something in there for everyone and at two biscuits per pack, it’s not too much that you feel guilty.






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